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If we had not taken that step already, we should have done so this week, because the new NT’s volunteers’ survey seems both insulting and silly.

Some of us find this dismaying because it reflects a bizarre sense of priorities.I do not doubt that those joys are very great, but they seem no more interesting than for me to eulogise how much I like women.And so to transgender — yet another of the NT’s multiple choices for its volunteers. We say ‘again’ with a certain weariness, because in recent years an organisation that was once so boringly virtuous that it could have worn a halo nowadays gets into as much trouble as a Bake Off judge in Nazi fancy-dress.The cause of the latest row is an online survey of its 65,000 volunteers, which invites them to describe their own ‘gender identity’ and ‘sexual orientation’, offering multiple choices of transgender, gay, bisexual, lesbian, straight or prefer- not-to-say.

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