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SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING Black Mirror Audio Time Lapse is... We Are Back Start off chatting all the new trailers! Please go follow and support Octopus Caveman Melissa will be back with me soon with another episode, it's just that crazy... We start with a link to a hilarious article on our Face Book page Talk about the new Woman playing the Doctor on Doctor Who Into Broad Church Season 3, 3 out of 8 Episodes watched Then we focus our... We are back--Been logging a ton of a TV watching and their is a 2 episodes planed already with more on the way... Our yearly watch of Love Actually exposed a network of HR reports that had us seeing the movie anew, join us won't... Josh is joined this week by @Octopus Caveman, to discuss our favorite online show After Hours and all things Cracked.We shout out to soon to be new podcaster, Noelle @YFAOFM on Twitter I apologize for Mansplaining... S/O @vinestweets Anja suggests Skam (the show) Wonder Woman ((No Spoilers)) Flash Seasan 3 wrap up with spoilers i Zombie chatter up to episode 20 sided die Hey Everybody, you will have to excuse this weeks audio as it was recorded while driving. Thanks to our kind friends and listeners who sent us Q's to get A'd: Edward, Sasha, @Green Korean1, @Angela2b Pecked, @3Sipping Sisters and @indoorswomen Books list (if you want to track down) Alienest by Caleb Carr Y the Last Man by Brian K Vaughn &... Like up the our Face Book Page: The One With Podcast tweet @Josh Solbach instagram joshua.solbach Round 3 S2E6 Big Daddy's Little Lady vs.(facepalm) We spoil the Keepers, don't want to be spoiled? Melissa and I discuss road trip movies and comment on a list. Matt and Steve's show is called : The Seinfeld Challenge Podcast Sipping Sisters Podcast in depth 13 Reasons Why discussions, check that out! We discuss Roseanne and American Idol Then we play, How many... A show from Netflix and a show from Hulu this week. We shout out to @indoorswomen and their great MSK game, which Melissa answers Then we chat i Zombie premiere episode Some Queen Elizabeth II Facts Then a spoiler... Tweet @Josh Solbach email [email protected] Book The One With Podcast Surprise, no week off after all, due to #trypod Perhaps you would consider teaching someone to subscribe to our podcast. S4E19 Till Death Do We Volly Round 4 Tomorrow: S4E1 vs. Like Up Our Face Book Page: The One with Podcast tweet @Josh Solbach instagram joshua.solbach Round 2 S2E1 End of the Curse vs. We will re-record with Chris and Jenny- Check out @Green Korean1 (Twitter) and @Tuesdayswith Moxie (Instagram) We start with a run through of... We start with Younger Season 3 talk, Josh, Charles and Kelsey get the focus--plenty of love for the amazing Sutton Foster. Avengers Infinity War, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and Ready Player One A little warm up for Star Wars, Last Jedi Then we Chat the Netflix original The Christmas Prince and Wrap up with the USA... Our planned episode was destroyed by bad Podcast Producing, or Skype--you chose whom to blame.If YOU THINK YOU HAVE A GOOD IDEA, By all means send it to us : @Josh Solbach on Twitter Face Book... Welcome to 2017, which is a big year for this show. ) At least it is the end of the 4 day podcast-athon covering this Season of Gilmore Girls. Hang in with us, we are learning how to make the idea work. Shout Out to @thetelevoid and podcast recommendation.

We are back, and in our new time slot of Sunday Late release.

In the conclusion of the two-part Season 7 finale, a jump to the future finds the gang celebrating Barney's wedding and reminiscing about how they emboldened Ted to seek true love and do whatever it takes to get back with the one that got away.

Main Synopsis: Michelle wins a goldfish at the Fun Fair and names it Martin.

We talk and spoil : Rouge One and all the episodes of THIS IS US to the Christmas episode. We close down the year with style and a brand new game. We Start the episode with the hot new CBS Block, Kevin Can Wait and Man With A Plan. Thanks to our Panel of Experts who joined the League : @Green Korean1 The Dave Podcast, Faces and Aces LV Podcast @Oz Banks Hot Sauce The Podcast, Beyond Serious the Podcast, Life Unlimited @Angela2b Pecked Follow on Twitter and Instagram @Steph Smith The.. As we celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary in NYC we harken back to the our very first date, the movie One Fine Day. We recorded our thoughts after watching every episode of the first season of Penny Dreadful.

Thanks to everyone for listening- we wouldn't be doing this if you weren't out there! So, this episode is late due to the terrible live recording we made in Times Square. We re-recorded the show and added so much depth that it's a useful tool to people headed to New York. Now we are parents and the movie reads completly different than when we first saw it, 20 years ago. We spoil the episode we are talking about but don't know what comes next. The Sitcom game is back and refreshed for the modern era!

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