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The Land of Israel has come under the sway of various empires and has been home to a variety of ethnicities, but was predominantly Jewish from roughly 1,000 years before the Common Era (BCE) until the 3rd century of the Common Era (CE).

The adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire in the 4th century led to a Christian majority which lasted until the 7th century when the area was conquered by the Arab Empire.

A Jewish national movement, Zionism, emerged in the late-19th century (partially in response to growing anti-Semitism) and Aliyah (Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel) increased.

After World War I, Ottoman territories in the Levant came under British and French control and the League of Nations granted the British a Mandate to rule Palestine which was to be turned into a Jewish National Home.

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Since about 1970, the United States has become the principal ally of Israel.

In 1979 an uneasy Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty was signed, based on the Camp David Accords.

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