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Historians should take care to note the numerical difference of one year between "BCE" dates and astronomical dates.Astronomical date numbering was developed for astronomical calculations and is used extensively throughout this web site.The astronomical year 0 corresponds to the year 1 BCE, while the astronomical year -1 corresponds to 2 BCE.In general, any given year "x BCE" becomes "-(x-1)" in the astronomical year numbering system.Perhaps the most unfortunately characteristic of this convention is that "BC" is a suffix (used after the year) while "AD" is a prefix (used before the year).This is inconvenient when generating computerized lists because extra columns must be reserved for both prefixes and suffixes.However, Exiguus' dating system still lacks a "0" year which makes calendrical calculations awkward.

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    A notable but slightly later example was a German settlement at Templin, 3 km north-west of Boonah, which has become an historical village preserved by the Fassifern District Historical Society (Boonah). There was a Lutheran church (1882, at nearby Hoya), a Catholic church (1887) and a Methodist church (1883, at nearby Durangan).