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I hope I have been able to help people considering buying AGR.I'm a recent Adventurer's Corner (e Bay) AKA Mills International Trading customer.After this, they answered my emails, but although I told them about the problem, they wanted photos from me.Though I, and they, knew what the problem was, I still sent photos to AGR.I purchased a 4.2 KVA (incorrectly advertised output) Invertor Generator back in March. ) My unit did not work properly from day 1, it could not even idle without overloading the invertor, it backfired on shut down, the remote start kept blowing fuses and the pull-start broke on its 4th pull.They do not make any contact details available other than an email address, and once they had my email address they did not use the traceable e Bay message system.Ive been looking at buying a petrol powered pressure washer for a little while now and no where have i seen a Honda powered pressure washers as cheap as they are on ebay.So thinking it may be a bargain i started looking at this model from this seller: Now looking at the specs the biggest selling point of this model is stated as "Commercial Honda Engine!

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He then tried to find a way to contact them about the poor/unsafe wiring and could not find much info on them. Thank you for this thread, it has helped aide me in my research about AGR Machinery. I ordered a log splitter off ebay through their company for 00.

" and they go on an on about it being genuine etc and how every one else is selling imitation engines etc..

so as most do i googled the model number of the unit shown "HQ-250" to find more unbiased info about it and it found the Chinese manufacturers website: specifically this model selling under "HQ-250": I-Gasoline-Premium-Pressure-Washer-QH-250.shtml Now if this is the manufacturer and i have no reason to believe it is not.

The description on ebay, particularly 'heavy-duty', sold me.

After splitting only 20 logs (normally should last years), the steel bent and the poor welding caused the metal to come off.

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