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The gravity of supervising children in open water is not lost on him, but he feels up to the task because he’s surrounded at all times by senior staff and he knows the water and equipment well.There are few other situations where a young adult can take on a serious leadership role with as much responsibility and careful guidance as in a camp.Traditional summer camps do such a great job of supplementing the work of parents and schools that we often miss the complexity of what they’re up to.

Even high school students worry that a summer-camp job isn’t substantive enough to put on a college application.I've been doing it for a year and have no plans to stop.The new space is excellent, making interval-based workouts even more comfortable and easy than before.“It’s great to see camp staff carry their camp values into their college and working life — it really means that the work of camp has meaning to society.” As Swain notes, “The path from camper to young staff is well-worn and thus clear to follow.And the role models are obvious and always there to see.” (MORE: How ‘Kidsick’ Parents Stay Connected (Obsessively) with Their Kids in Summer Camp) Camps also provide a safe place for young staff to make mistakes without dire consequences.

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